I have been practising the art of subtitling for over 25 years now. During that time I have translated just about every kind of television programme and film: news reports and history documentaries, Oprah Winfrey and Monty Python, Flipper and The X-Files, Wallander – the  original and the English version, films based on Shakespeare and Astrid Lindgren, science-fiction films and series, as well as highly contemporary films like Force Majeure and The Square. Mainly for television, but also for DVD, the cinema and the internet, and lately my subtitles also appear on streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and NPO Start/Plus.

Screenshot of subtitling software from an episode of Äkta Människor (Real Humans)

Do you have something in English or Swedish that you want subtitled in Dutch? You have come to the right place. If you want more information or an estimate for a subtitling project, visit the contact page and send me a message. No strings attached.

Over the years I have worked as a subtitler and editor (QC) for nearly all the national subtitling agencies, and quite a few international ones, usually for clients from the television and film industry, but also for various companies and educational institutions. The Holland Festival, the international art and theatre festival, has asked me to subtitle digital art films like Matthew Barney’s six-hour long River of Fundament, as well as One or Several Tigers, a video installation by the Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen, and the interactive music video The Book of Sand by the Dutch composer Michel van der Aa, with lyrics based on the writings of Jorge Luis Borges.

Non-fiction television programmes often use an off-screen narrator to tell the story. These voice-overs are usually not subtitled but dubbed. I also have considerable experience in translating these narrative texts, ranging from nature and architecture documentaries to cooking shows and television stories for young children.

Below you’ll find a small selection of all the television series and films I have subtitled and translated.