Other texts

The non-fiction story of Merhan Karimi Nasseri, the man without a country who spent years and years in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, and whose fate later inspired Spielberg to make his film The Terminal.
Crime reports, charging documents and newspaper articles from and about the Swedish case against Julian “Wikileaks” Assange, all concealed during translation under the code name Date Palm.
An introduction to the lives and works of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson, the Polish-British couple that created their own little niche in the universe of art and literature.
De Jongen (The Boy), a radio play by the Swedish poet Thomas Tidholm.

This is just a random selection of the wide range of texts I have translated from English and Swedish into Dutch over the years.

So if you want your English or Swedish text translated by someone who has had extensive experience in turning it into proper and correct Dutch, you can avail yourself of my skills, and my thorough cultural and general knowledge. They enable me to translate a wide variety of texts. Please feel free to contact me.