What others say

“His subtle play with sound, rhythm, alliteration and internal rhyme produces a feverish cadence, that remains surprisingly intact in Dutch thanks to Hans Kloos’s clever translation.”

NRC on the translation (2019) of Robin Robertson’s The Long Take

“The energy of the US is captured in an energetic language, full of images like razor-sharp film-noir segments and sentences that swing like virtuoso jazz solos.”

Het Parool on the translation (2019) of Robin Robertson’s The Long Take

“The outstanding Dutch translation provided by the poet Hans Kloos.”

De Groene Amsterdammer on the translation (2019) of The Long Take

“The true magic is in the translation by Hans Kloos. Hier maak ik mijn stad transforms Robertson’s poignant verse novel into an epic poem that could well have been written in Dutch. (…) In fact, everybody should read this brilliant translation.”

from the jury report for the nominations for the Filter Vertaalprijs 2020

What is most striking is the unsentimentally dry, clean and supple style.”

De Standaard on the translation (2018) of A Student In Arms by Donald Hankey

“To have translated this book into touching and swinging Dutch is nothing less than a heroic achievement. This is a devastating book, in a brilliant translation.”

de Nederlandse Boekengids on the translation (2017) of In Parenthesis by David Jones

“This newly published Tussentijd, the excellent translation of the lyrical novel In Parenthesis, is a satisfying example.”

de Volkskrant on the translation (2017) of In Parenthesis by David Jones

“Kloos’s translation of The Long Take is an impressive achievement. Earlier he published an overwhelming translation of In Parenthesis, David Jones’s long narrative poem of The Great War. Hier maak ik mijn stad is just as compelling as The Long Take.”

Filter, magazine on translation

“Hans Kloos has done something special by translating Tidholm into Dutch for the first time. Tidholm certainly deserves this.”

Biblion on Ik was een slechte hond, the Tidholm anthology

Most of these quotes are from book reviews. And they rarely contain comments on the quality of translations, so I am quite happy with the praise they have showered on me. Films and television series are reviewed extensively, but never a word about the quality of the subtitles. Perhaps the most telling fact is that I have been subtitling for over 25 years, have worked for nearly all the broadcasting companies, streaming services and other subtitled media, and clients keep coming back.

Here you’ll find a list of clients and translation/subtitling agencies I have worked for over the years.

The Svenska Institutet, the Wales Literature Exchange, the Publishing Scotland Translation Fund, Gone West (Reflections on the Great War) and the Dutch Foundation for Literature have financially supported book translations by Hans Kloos.